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Music & Audio Video, Image & 3D Other Multimedia Contacts For Developers Science Internet

Music & Audio

www.harmony-central.com - Music and audio news, softwares, tutorials and more...

www.synthzone.com - Synthesizers, resources and more...

www.audioworld.com - Audio news and more...

www.northernsounds.com - Complete orchestration guide and more

www.adobe.com - Adobe Audition, multi-tracks audio mastering software

www.magix.com/us/sequoia - High end studio music software

www.steinberg.net - Cubase advanced music software & VST

www.cakewalk.com - Sonar XL, midi music software

www.modplug.com - Freeware music tracker software and resources

www.celemony.com - Best studio correction, shaping and arranging of audio

www.garritan.com - Excellent realistic orchestral/instrumental VST sound

www.xlnaudio.com - Addictive drums and piano VST

www.motu.com - Motu BPM, advanced customizable drum machine VST

www.spectrasonics.net/products/trilian.php - Trilian, Total bass VST solution

www.bestservice.de - High quality commercial VST instruments

www.vstplanet.com - Freeware VST effects, instruments and more

www.izotope.com - High quality mastering VST tools and more

www.waves.com - Other high quality mastering VST tools and more

www.untidymusic.com/wordpress/tag/mastering - Freeware VST mastering tools

antress.er-webs.com - Freeware VST mastering tools bundle

www.rme-audio.com - Professional audio equipments for PC

www.creative.com/emu - Professional audio equipments for PC, look at 0404 USB

www.tunecore.com - The best way to sell your music on Internet

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Video, Image & 3D

usa.autodesk.com/media-entertainment - 3D Studio Max software and more...

www.zbrush.com/zbrush - ZBrush, best modeling and painting software

www.zbrush.com/sculptris - Sculptris, free modeling and painting software

www.chaosgroup.com/en/2/vray.html - V-Ray 2, renderer for 3D Studio Max

www.maxwellrender.com - Maxwell Render, renderer for 3D Studio Max

quixel.se - DDO & NDO2, high-level texturing & normals

www.3dtotal.com - 3D Tutorials and more...

www.scriptspot.com - The biggest MaxScript downloadable resources...

www.marvelousdesigner.com - Marvelous Designer 2, fantastic 3D clothing

store.makerbot.com - Replicator 2x, high quality desktop two colors 3D plastic printer

www.goscan3d.com - Go!SCAN 3D Scanner

www.adobe.com - Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign CS2, 2D graphics softwares

www.corel.com - Corel DRAW Graphic suite and Painter, 2D graphics softwares

www.artrage.com - Natural painting software

www.gimp.org - GIMP, free 2D photo/painting software

www.getpaint.net - Paint.NET, free 2D photo/painting software

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Other Multimedia Contacts

www.codexus.com - 3D and 2D graphics designer, developer

www.mono-lab.ch - Simulations, graphics, artificial intelligence and development

www.cubx.net - Architectural 3D designers

www.richardrosenman.com - 3D graphics and animations designer

www.mum.ch - 3D software sellers and trainers in Switzerland

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For Developers

www.unity3d.com - Best game development platform

www.microsoft.com/visualstudio - MS Visual Studio

msdn.microsoft.com - Microsoft developer network library

www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php - Inno Setup, free Windows installer

greenfishsoftware.blogspot.hu - Greenfish Icon Editor Pro, free and great icon editor

www.scootersoftware.com - Beyond Compare, great files comparer and synchronizer

www.developer.com - Development tutorials and more...

www.codeguru.com - Development tutorials and more...

www.planet-source-code.com - Development tutorials and more...

www.codeproject.com - Development tutorials and more...

www.codebeach.com - Development tutorials and more...

sourceforge.net - Development tutorials and more...

www.gamasutra.com - Game development tutorials and more...

www.gamedev.net - Game development tutorials and more...

www.gdmag.com - Game development tutorials and more...

www.php.net - PHP download and programming documentation

dev.mysql.com - MySQL documentation

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citeseer.ist.psu.edu - Scientific Literature Digital Library

www.wolframalpha.com - Mathematic and scientific intelligent solver

www.webelements.com - Simply the best periodic table

www.wikisky.org - Like Google Map but for space

www.wikipedia.org - Wikipedia, the biggest free encyclopedia

www.wikihow.com/Main-Page - wikiHow, How to do anything

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www.w3.org - World Wide Web Consortium

www.robotstxt.org - To know more about Internet's robots

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