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My name is Sergio Dilonardo, I was born in 1973.

I am a software engineer, specialized in Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), 3D and audio.
I write object-oriented applications for the Microsoft Windows platform, mainly with Microsoft Visual C++ and C#.
I have many years of experience with Oriented Object Programming, MS VC++, C# .Net, CLI Managed, Python, SQL, DLLs, APIs, interfaces, client/server and web technologies.

I have worked in finance, banking, multimedia, industrial and trading companies.

I like composing music with synthesizers, guitars (electric guitar and bass), computers, human voices and electric violin.
I also like creating pictures, videos and 3D using various well known softwares.

All these skills enable me to create small computer video games for fun.

I live in Switzerland.

You may see my profile on LinkedIn.

If you wish to contact me, please use the contact page, thanks.

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