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Dilonardo 3D Photos

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Makes 3D photos in an easy way that can be viewed with various3D glasses.

This software works fine with a simple digital camera, you just need to take two pictures of the same subject with a little horizontal offset between each one (eyes distance).

Just drag'n'drop 2 images/photos files from the Windows Explorer and this software will automatically build correct color channels and save the resulting picture to the same folder as the sources files.

Please note that the mode "Red/Cyan in Gray" gives printer friendly 3D pictures.

Screen Shots

Software Outputs

3D renderings<br>Red/Cyan<br>in Gray mode
3D renderings
in Gray mode

Digital Camera<br>Red/Cyan<br>in Gray mode
Digital Camera
in Gray mode

System Requirements

Running at 500 MHZ or better recommended

128 MB RAM

Hard Disk
At least 100 MB of free space

True color (32 bits) recommended


Download - ZIP - 0.45 MB
Dilonardo 3D Photos 1.3
Released March 2005

Windows NT, 2000, XP
or higher

If you get an error message when launching this software on operating systems prior to Windows XP, you certainly need to copy the Microsoft's GDIPlus.dll file in the same folder as the 3D Photos executable.

Documentation delayed due to others priorities...


If you would like to give any feedback, please use the contact page.

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