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Try this software if you need a new sound.

It uses animated computer simulations and multi-threads to render .wav audio stereo files, in 32 bits floating point precision. All internal processing is done in 64 bits floating point.

It generates true stereo sounds and even musical notes; the left and right channels are not an altered version of each other. You have many choices regarding how to compute the different audio channels, regarding of the different recording sources. Mono samples are supported as well.

How it works? Just place the executable file in the folder where you would like to save the generated .wav files, and just run it.

Steps to generate a sound from the particles simulator:
  • Check what you have set on the Settings pane.
  • Initialize the simulation or edit the starting simulation.
  • Look how the simulation changes over time, by deactivating the Sync option. You can automatically fit the whole simulation on the display by activating the Auto Fit option. If the recording particle is moving away of the reference particle, you won't get a sound from it. Edit the starting simulation again (or initialize it again) until you have something working.
  • Activate the recording of data from start. Toggle the Sync button for faster recording.
  • Click on the Write button. The .wav file will be written in the same folder than the DilonardoTools.exe file.
  • Post process the audio file in another software to get all the power (compressors, reverbs, frequencies, ...).

Adding multiple particles at the same position will act like a more massive particle.

Use the mouse wheel to zoom, and the middle mouse button to pan the view.

This software needs a powerful and multi-core computer to run well, on a Windows 10, and 64 bits operating system only.

If you experience a very slow user interface:
  • Reduce the window size
  • Don't super maximize the window (avoid the super maximized window button)
  • Try to activate the GDI option
  • Try to deactivate the Sync option, doing this will use all the processor's cores

Due to the customized nature of this application's windows, pressing Windows Key + Left/Right is not working. Please use the Alt key instead of the Windows key, this also supports the super maximized window mode.

Other particles types and simulations will be available soon with better algorithms. Please keep in touch.

Screen Shots

Colors will be fixed in the next release
Colors will be fixed in the next release

System Requirements

Running at 3000 MHZ or better


Hard Disk
At least 500 MB of free space

Full HD 1920 x 1080
Powerful adapter highly recommended


Apologies for the broken link of the version 2021.05.30.1, the web page has been uploaded too early.
The next release is planned for beginning October 2021, and it will be a lot better than the first one.

Download Dilonardo Tools 2021.05.24.1 Released May 2021 - ZIP - 2.15 MB
Windows 10 or higher

Executable file to place in the .wav generation destination folder (don't run the software from the zip file).

This is the first release.

This app is not signed, because this costs some money.


If you would like to give any feedback, please use the contact page.

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