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Dilonardo Audio Tools

Sounds and sound banks generation by real-time computer simulations among other multimedia tools, with an integrated sampler for immediate midi playback.

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VST2 and ASIO support will be removed from Dilonardo Audio Tools, because VST2 has been discontinued by Steinberg Technologies, and they no longer allow any development that uses it. Although VST3 technology is authorized, it is more complicated to implement. What's more, there's no guarantee of its longevity or the right to use it.
Links: VST2 support discontinued and new VST2 developments no more allowed

CLAP is a better, simpler and more durable technology, which is free of rights.
There are fewer plug-ins available yet, but this is only a matter of time. So VST2 support will be replaced by CLAP, and ASIO by Wasapi.
Links: about CLAP new technology and about Wasapi


Release 2022.05.31.1


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Try this software if you need a new sound.

It uses animated computer simulations and multi-threads to render .wav audio stereo files, in 32 bits floating point precision. All internal processing is done in 64 bits floating point. The whole application is built using modern C++, and a home made user interface framework.

It generates true stereo sounds and even musical notes; the left and right channels are not an altered version of each other. You have many choices regarding how to compute the different audio channels, regarding of the different recording sources. Mono samples are supported as well.

Steps to generate a sound from the particles simulator:
  • Initialize the simulation or edit the starting simulation.
  • Look how the simulation changes over time, by deactivating the Sync option. You can automatically fit the whole simulation on the display by activating the Auto Fit option.
  • Activate the recording of data from start.
  • Click on the Write button. The .wav file will be generated.
  • Post process the audio file and save the resulting WAV file.

Use the mouse wheel to zoom, and the middle or right mouse button to pan the view.

This software needs a powerful and multi-core computer to run well, on a Windows 10, 11 or more, and a 64 bits operating system only.

If you experience a very slow user interface, try to deactivate the Sync option, doing this will use all the processor's cores, and detach the display from the simulation processing.

Due to the customized nature of this application's windows, pressing Windows Key + Left/Right is not working. Please use the Alt key instead of the Windows key, this also supports the super maximized window mode (this feature is only visible if you have multiple monitors).

Screen Shots

Simulation editor<br>with preview
Simulation editor
with preview

Simulation<br>new shape
new shape

Simulation runner<br>and recorder
Simulation runner
and recorder

Acoustical springs<br>like a rectangle
Acoustical springs
like a rectangle

Acoustical springs<br>like a string
Acoustical springs
like a string

Simulation<br>recording settings
recording settings

WAV editor<br>in curve mode
WAV editor
in curve mode

WAV editor<br>in frequency mode
WAV editor
in frequency mode

WAV editor<br>MIDI play sound bank
WAV editor
MIDI play sound bank

System Requirements

Running at 3000 MHZ or better


Hard Disk
At least 500 MB of free space

Full HD 1920 x 1080
Powerful adapter highly recommended


Changes between release version 2022.11.16.1 and 2023.9.26.1



   WAV generation
  • Added spatial WAV generation method, which can generate a full sound bank. With this method, you will ear not only sound texture but also frequency variations. Depending on what you have in your simulation, you will even hear doppler effect. A vast variety of sounds types can be created with this new method
  • Added checks for broken values (infinite or invalid values), you will now get the valid values parts instead of an empty sample
  • Fixed some oversampling calculations
  • Added data preprocessing operations: reverse, flip X/Y axes, swap X and Y axis, X/Y axes power, resize, fade in and out
  • Samples are part of a sound bank upon their filename, if you save all the WAVs of a sound bank, reloading all of them (drag'n'drop frow a Windows files explorer) will bring back the sound bank
  • Added maximum recorded data count to avoid recording too many data (useful for the spatial generator and other)
  • ... Will be completed on the next release ...
  • Added maximum recorded data count
  • Added ignore distance start fade
  • New particle types:
    • Attracted to others only
    • 3 * attracted to others, repelled by same
    • 12 * attracted only to self
    • Attracted to all self attracted
    • Attracted to all self attracted and to self
    • Attracted to all including self attracted
    • Attracted to all type, top positive, bottom negative
    • Attracted to all type, top negative, bottom positive
    • Attracted to all type, left positive, right negative
    • Attracted to all type, left negative, left positive
  • Changed maximum tension behavior
  • Added New Project command, to start a project from the factory starting point (removed the Initialize particles button)
  • Fixed projects loading that was keeping some parameters from the previously loaded or edited project
  • Changed the way springs tension global parameter is working
   Simulation edit mode
  • Added undo/redo feature, still working on it but it is almost working (deactivate and reactivate undo to clear history)
  • Fixed scale and rotate edit modes, hold down the SHIFT key to switch mode
  • Renamed physics Gravity to Wind
  • Duplicating particles will also duplicate their recording state
  • ... Will be completed on the next release ...
   WAV editor
  • Added Windows clipboard support for copy/cut/paste (it uses a temporary file in the same folder as the application, allowing you to paste directy in Windows Explorer, it is working in both directions)
  • Added real-time midi support with an integrated sampler to let you try your generated or loaded samples and sound banks directly within Dilonardo Tools
  • Added output recording to record your live sessions or increase your samples complexity
  • Fixed mono output, now it turns in mono the full audio output, for better monitoring
  • ... Will be completed on the next release ...
   User interface
  • Added beautiful glowing particles shapes, and it's easier to set the displayed particles sizes without changing the simulation behavior
  • Fixed some bugs in model/modeless windows
  • ... Will be completed on the next release ...


Dilonardo Tools 2022.11.16.1
Released November 2022

Download  ZIP - 2.54 MB
Windows 10 or higher

Executable and some simulations presets.

This release introduces acoustical sound generation as well as new particles types and enhancements!

Changes between release version 2022.05.31.1 and 2022.11.16.1

   WAV generation
  • Waveform generator: entirely rebuilt, it is a lot faster and gives much better results. It now also supports cross fading
  • Added per particle smooth data count range feature, before putting them together, to remove noise
  • Fractals generator: fixed fractals precision, and fixed empty stereo channel
  • Increased task progress steps information
  • Multiply generator: fixed behavior
  • Added new particles types: Fluid, Magnet Linear and Magnet Exponential
  • Fixed springs behavior, it can now create acoustical sounds, various simulation methods are now available and can be mixed together
  • Added new global parameters: maximum speed transition range % (added a compression function to smoothly limit values), physics collisions precision, accurate physics, springs react to origin, springs react to attraction with factor, springs react to speed with factor, springs react to tension with factor/absorption/max tension/breakable/affect frequency/frequency factor/frequency power curve, springs react to angle with factor
  • Added per particles transmission factor, to tell how other particles should be affected by physics
  • Fixed deflectors physics substeps calculation, angles and behavior with springs, added support for negative transmission. Now positive transmission is a reflector, and negative transmission is a refractor
  • Added physical transmission support to deflectors, springs and particles
  • Added frame by frame animation step
  • Added restart and pause function
  • Fixed some bugs due to multithreaded simulation calculations
  • Fixed general relativity simulation maximum speed upon global maximum speed
  • Fixed particles speeds going to infinite numbers
  • Fixed energy conservation of springs
  • Global parameters have now their own panel (there's still a display bug sometimes, just close the panel with the top-right X button, then reopen it to fix it)
  • Better display/animation of springs
   Simulation edit mode
  • Now precisely set values for: particles positions, particles speeds, mouse sensitivity, particles masses, particles mobilities, particles recording amplitudes and transmissions
  • Added new particles add method: particles lines, with initial and ending values
  • Speeds can be made motionless
  • Change speed/time factor per particles
  • Fixed view switching between editor and simulation, E and SHIFT+E keys behaviors
  • Fixed center point view
   WAV editor
  • Added new generate feature: kick drum (a perfect kick drum playing almost the same at different frequencies) and silence
  • Fixed wavs selection list and information
   User interface
  • Moved simulation global parameters to a modeless dialog box, to make some space and define more global parameters
  • Fixed modal windows behaviors
  • Fixed some default values

Dilonardo Tools 2022.05.31.1
Released May 2022

Download  ZIP - 2.54 MB
Windows 10 or higher

Executable and some simulations presets.

This release produces a better and richer sound, just enjoy it!

Changes between release version 2021.10.04.1 and 2022.05.31.1

   WAV generation
  • Added true fractals WAV build method to create more complex and greater sounds
  • Added multiply WAV build method
  • Added DC bias fix option for every recorded particle (enabled by default, disable this option if your project done with an older version sounds differently)
  • Added volume fix option for every recorded particle (enabled by default, disable this option if your project done with an older version sounds differently)
  • Added a new deviation method to rotate particles and to keep their orbits without the need to reduce their mobilities
  • Added a new global variable to ignore the simulation when a given distance has been reached, this is useful to build parallel simulations that don't affect each other, and to get a richer sound
  • Added a new global variable to limit the maximum particles speed
   Simulation edit mode
  • Added two new particle parameters: speed factor and recording amplitude, to generate a richer sound
  • The simulation preview is now updated when changing the particles types
  • Added new particles types: Spring alone, Spring together and Spring together only, including other particles attraction or not. To change their behaviors, just change their masses, as well as their speed and running speed factor. Then lower a little bit their mobilities, and enjoy! Let some other kind of particles pass over them, to shake them over time. More work is planned on these kind of particles as well as other new types
  • Added new particles add method: Particles grid
  • Fixed a crash occurring when the real-time steps count was changed using the value input dialog box
   WAV editor
  • Added support for 64 bits audio import (converted to 32 bits), and audio export can now be in 16 or 32 bits
  • Added amplify audio processing which also works on the frequency domain
  • Added selection extension to 0 axis crossing points
  • Added audio recording
  • Added mono playback support that mixes the left and right audio channels to monitor stereo issues
  • Better auto volume and auto loudness algorithms
  • File open is now available also when the editor is empty
  • Closing the last WAV won't close the WAV editor anymore
  • Added a small vertical margin to the waveform and frequency views, in order to clearly see the bounds
  • Fixed deletion of selected frequencies range in frequencies view mode
  • Fixed starting offset when playing audio
   User interface
  • Some lengthy tasks can now be aborted (started with fractals and waveforms sound generation)
  • Added 'Small' button to the windows captions to resize the window to its minimal allowed size
  • Moved the user interface display ratio feature in a button at the top left corner of main windows
  • Internal enhancements to allow multiple values per button
  • Fixed mouse move and click over empty space of item selection dialog boxes, when the mouse is after the last item
  • Fixed windows minimal sizes, ignored system display zoom factor, and taken into account the UI zoom ratio for all customized windows
  • Fixed some default values
  • Fixed nested levels buttons highlight for the contextual menu key
  • Fixed modal windows behavior

Dilonardo Tools 2021.10.04.1
Released October 2021

Download  ZIP - 2.51 MB
Windows 10 or higher

Executable and some simulations presets.

Changes between release version 2021.05.24.1 and 2021.10.04.1
  • Great enhancements to the edit mode, including simulation preview in real-time
  • Real-time preview of the recorded data with multi-curves display
  • The WAV is now generated internally and can be played and edited before saving it
  • Load and save of the simulation project, keeping the display layout
  • File open/save using standard Microsoft's dialog boxes
  • Faster and better user interface, fixed bugs, many new features, including dynamic values changes using the right mouse button on the numerical value, the old GDI technology has been removed
  • Added high DPI support (customized UI only), 'User interface display ratio' on the settings panel
  • Added multiple monitors support (you have more buttons on the window's corner, if you have more than one display)
  • Many simulations algorithms, including General Relativity, Newton, Trigonometric, PowN, ...
  • Choose which particles should be recorded and the reference particle
  • Added support for particles types, more types will come in the next release
  • Added more simulation globals, that can be modified while recording for fun effects
  • Added physics with substeps, a deflector and a gravity zone, acoustical features are planned for the next release
  • Oversampling feature
  • Added many recording sources, including positions, vector of X and Y positions, speeds, accelerations, vector of speeds and accelerations, distances and forces
  • Added many WAV build methods, including mix, weighted on mass, inversely weighted on mass, center point, trigonometric, cosinus & sinus, median, minimum, maximum, harmonics and waveform
  • All the recording sources can be recorded to separate files, along with the main build one
  • The new WAV editor can open multiple files at the same time
  • Drag'n'drop support for simulation project files and WAV files
  • Added simulation project comments
  • The WAV editor contains sound processing on selected range like trim, reverse, resampling, fade, auto volume, auto loudness, maximize, DC bias, smooth (can be used to fix waveforms problems), low pass filter, high pass filter, on one or both channels
  • Moreover, the WAV editor has also a curve/frequency edit feature while holding the ALT key and pressing the left mouse button
  • Added multiple view modes for the WAV editor, including waveform, all data as dots, frequencies (FFT, DFT, FFT pulses, Goertzel, ... some of them are still in development)
  • Fixed some multi-threading issues
  • Fixed fps calculation
  • The application is in Unicode, 64 bits
  • The project has been configured for CUDA, but I have disabled it, because more tests are needed
  • This version can be executed directly from the zip file, but this is not recommended

Dilonardo Tools 2021.05.24.1
Released May 2021

Download  ZIP - 2.15 MB
Windows 10 or higher

Executable file to place in the .wav generation destination folder (don't run the software from the zip file).

This is the first release.

This app is not signed, because this costs some money.


If you would like to give any feedback, please use the contact page.

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