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CLAP integration done, but still working on WASAPI (exclusive mode) integration in Dilonardo Audio Tools, as well as improvements to the user interface and algorithms.
Being also busy on administrative stuffs.

VST2 and ASIO support will be removed from Dilonardo Audio Tools, because VST2 has been discontinued by Steinberg Technologies, and they no longer allow any development that uses it. Although VST3 technology is authorized, it is more complicated to implement. What's more, there's no guarantee of its longevity or the right to use it. CLAP is a better, simpler and more durable technology, which is free of rights. There are fewer plug-ins available, but this is only a matter of time. So VST2 support will be replaced by CLAP, and ASIO by Wasapi.

The Dilonardo Audio Tools release 2023.9.26.1 is now available for download! It includes major improvements, and one of them is a built-in sampler, so you can try your sample without switching to another software. New spatial sound generation that generates sound banks. And more...

Added some of my MidJourney results, give a look at the image gallery, if you are interested.

Dilonardo Audio Tools release 2022.11.16.1 is now available for download!, it includes major improvements, with more particle's types and natural acoustical sound generation. Worked on the physical simulations to get correct substeps calculations, worked on energy conservation and fixed bugs. New algorithm for the waveform generator, it is a lot faster and gives much better results. And more...

The new release of Dilonardo Tools 2022.05.31.1 is available for download, with a richer sound synthesis and audio recording!
The workflow video is also available.

The demo piece of music that includes many samples that have been generated using Dilonardo Tools release 2021.10.04.1 is now available.

The new release of Dilonardo Tools is now available, with many new features, including: project file open and save to keep your work, real-time simulation preview while editing, audio player and editor, multiple simulation algorithms, enhanced user interface, faster display, multiple data reconstruction modes, physics, ... ! Download it now.

Adding support for mobile phone browsers. This website supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Fixed various web site's bugs, but I still need to fix some backgrounds.

The Links page has been updated with subtitles.

The Music page has been reorganized, and three pieces of music have been added.

Software pages are better displayed on mobile devices, and it's easier to iterate through the different apps.

Added a new Images page, and cleaned up the 3D page.

My web game Dynamic Balls Race has been discontinued, due to problems with Unity and the web player.

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